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Maya Elder Visits U.S.

Itza Maya Elder, Shaman and Daykeeper Hunbatz Men

Itza Maya Elder, Shaman and Daykeeper Hunbatz Men

Hunbatz Men, Itza Maya Elder, Shaman and Daykeeper teaches about ancient Mayan civilization and calendars

Member of the Council of Priests and Elders in Yucatan, Mexico, Hunbatz Men is an authority on the history, cosmology, sacred geometry, calendars and language of Mayan civilization.  He founded the Maya Cultural Center at Lol Be near Chichen Itza, and serves as spiritual guide for several Maya Mystery Schools in the U.S., Europe, Japan, South Africa and Australia.  Elder Hunbatz is among the first indigenous Maya leaders to teach their esoteric knowledge to the public.  He has conducted conferences and pilgrimages to sacred Maya sites for over 35 years, and travels internationally giving classes.  He presented the Mayas’ request for peace and nature stewardship before the United Nations in 2010 with other elders.  Author of numerous booklets and papers, Elder Hunbatz wrote two seminal books on Maya sciences, religion and calendars, and developed a system of Maya Yok’hah (yoga practices of ancient Mayas).

Programs in Portland, OR on July 24 and 26, 2014

Hunbatz Men is teaching two programs at New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland OR:

Mayan glyphs and codes in the Dresden Codex

Mayan glyphs and codes in the Dresden Codex

Mystic Codes in Mayan Language, Friday July 25, 7:00-8:30pm – $15      Mayan language contains mystic codes. The vibratory sounds of Mayan words have the power to activate energy and manifest, like Sanskrit bija sounds. These sounds come from nature and natural laws; the sounds of the cosmos. Sacred sounds, hand gestures and postures are part of Mayan language. Experience their power to transform consciousness and uncover hidden Maya wisdom.

Hidden Messages in Codes of Mayan Glyphs, Saturday July 26, 1:00-5:00pm – $50     Mayan glyphs, carved on stone monuments and painted on ceramics and in codices, contain hidden messages encoding cosmologic laws. To understand these messages, you must attune to Mayan consciousness.  In this workshop Hunbatz Men uses a real Maya Codex to reveal mystic codes that can take you into higher dimensions of Maya wisdom. You will explore the meanings and symbols in this mysterious Maya Codex, gain insight into use of rituals to expand consciousness, and learn how Mayan language and glyphs are used for transformation.

Unique opportunity to study with internationally known

indigenous Maya Elder-Shaman-Daykeeper at his first Portland event!


Hunbatz Men discussing  ancient Maya codex

Hunbatz Men discussing ancient Maya codex

 My Connections with Hunbatz Men

Elder Hunbatz Men and Leonide (Lennie) Martin, Maya Ceremonial Center at Lol Be, Yucatan, MX

Elder Hunbatz Men and Leonide (Lennie) Martin, Maya Ceremonial Center at Lol Be, Yucatan, MX

I met Elder Hunbatz in 2001 when on a pilgrimage at Chichen Itza led by leaders of indigenous groups from many countries. After reading his first book, Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion, I realized he was the Maya teacher I’d been seeking.   When I moved to Merida, capitol city of Yucatan in 2005, I started my study and apprenticeship with him. Through him I became a Maya Solar Initiate, and later took training as a Maya Fire Woman. During my 5 years living in Merida, I assisted Hunbatz in many programs and pilgrimages, and helped develop and write the workbook for Yok’hah Maya. Through studying the Maya calendars with him, I began to understand their incredibly advanced and complex approach to time and cycles. The integrated and holistic world view of the Mayas, and their message about living in harmony with cycles of nature and the cosmos, have continued to inspire and instruct me.

The Maya way of thinking and seeing the world is very different than western materialism. Its mystical understanding of reality as spanning multiple dimensions is similar to principles of quantum physics.  Many times it was difficult for me to truly grasp

Leonide (Lennie) Martin and Hunbatz Men do ceremony at Lol Be

Leonide (Lennie) Martin and Hunbatz Men do ceremony at Lol Be

Hunbatz’ teachings, but when understanding dawned it left me quite astonished. There is such depth in this ancient wisdom, so much intelligence in the unfolding of cosmic patterns that the Mayas knew were reflected on Earth. It has been a great honor and privilege to learn from and work with Elder Hunbatz.  I invite everyone to dip into this vast pool of knowledge that expands consciousness and leads to transformation.

In Lak’ech (I am another you),



Lennie with Maya elders at Chichen Itza

Lennie with Maya elders at Chichen Itza















  1. Pedro Alvarez Ortega Jr. says:

    I would like to know if schizophrenia in the independent and indigenous worldly view are 6 cycles that the Popol-Vuh can identify. My name is Pedro Alvarez Ortega Jr. I suffer from this ill diagnosed mental illness.

    • Hello Pedro, I am sorry that I do not know the answer to your question. The Popol Vuh describes four “suns” or ages where the gods created people from animals, mud, sticks, and then maize. Only the final sun of the maize people was successful. The Mayas did believe in several levels of reality or domains, all of which could interact. They would have viewed schizophrenia differently than we do now. Yours, Leonide

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